Contractor's Day Success

Contractor's Day Success

Posted by Joanna Castellanos on 3rd Dec 2014

Paver Training Workshop Was a Hit!

It was a true pleasure seeing our greenhouse room filled with eager contractors awaiting their lesson for the day. We want to thank all those who attended as well as the instructors who provided hands on training for elevation basics, use of lasers, paver installation, catch basin grades and drainage slopes. 

The feedback we received was that the training was very useful as some of these concepts were known but not practiced. We look forward to providing monthly trainings to enhance the skill level of our surrounding contractors. There were lots of smiles after the training while our contractor's got to enjoy some delicious BBQ and wash it down with drinks of their choice. 

We look forward to riding this momentum into our December training and are keeping our ears open for what topic to train on next! We would love to know what skills you would like to advance?